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Now imagine having this power on your website!

What is it?

What is it?

Simply121 is a secure in-browser video and voice chat solution that requires NO PLUGINS and NO INSTALLED software! Instead, it harnesses the power of modern browsers, like Chrome, to support real time communications that people love.

But what can you do with it? Well, here are some typical use cases...

Virtual classrooms

Teaching maths, music, or anything else beginning with 'M'! Use the video chat to demonstrate techniques, or the virtual whiteboard to enact a shared drawing space that both parties can use.

Online dating

Your users will feel safe and secure knowing their phone, Skype, or email details aren't shared with the other person. The connection exists for only as long as the call does. Once the date has ended, it's impossible to connect again, unless both parties wish it.

Online Chat

This technology can be used directly as a 'Skype in a browser' product, making it easy to connect friends and family from all over the world without having to install new software.

Digital Consultations

Provide a means where you can sell time to your customers, without the expense and hassle of travelling to their location.

How does it work?

For every Simply121 call, the server generates a unique ID, or token. This server can either be ours (meaning you have four lines of code to write) or can be installed on your own premises (on-prem) for full control.

This token is passed to the client-side Javascript code that lives in the browser and handles the start, and end, of the call.

And that's it! The rest is automatic!

About Us

It's no secret that only the best people can build the best tools. Here's our secret!

Who We Are

Simply121 has been built by a small team in London, England, and headed by an internationally-known WebRTC expert. We believe in frictionless delivery - the faster you can start work on your idea, the sooner you can build your business. We love to facilitate that! Everything we do is focused on ensuring you have the tools necessary, and the fewest lines of code to write.

What We Do

We build the very best software that positively delights. If you'd like to join the team, we're looking for a number of roles - all of which expect the applicants to be passionate, curious, and excited by modern technology and the world that it can build.

Get in touch if you're a...

  • iOS software engineer
  • Video conference technologist
  • Data scientist
  • UI designer

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